Dog's fate undecided after attack

It is a tragic story from every aspect.

A two-year-old is mauled by a dog leaving her with bite marks and stitches on her neck and face.

Lucky, little Bertha Algarin survived.

She is now recovering awaiting multiple surgeries. The owner of this collie mix named "Buddy" has not decided whether to bring her dog back to the very spot where it attacked little Bertha.

For now, Buddy is under quarantine at the Brownsville Animal Shelter.

"Sometimes the owner decides they don't want the animal back and they'll go ahead and sign it over, said Robert Dippong. The owner for this one was undecided so we'll make contact with her today so see if she wants it or we will let the court decide tomorrow.

If the owner decides not to take the dog home he will be euthanized.

Supervisor Robert Dippong tells Action 4 News Buddy's owner was fined $205 for no rabies vaccines. The owner also faces a fine up to five thousand dollars for no city tags and vicious dog

For now, Bertha's mother says does not want the dog to return.

Olga Rodriguez has court hearing on Tuesday.

She says she will tell the judge not to allow the dog back

As for little Bertha, she is expected to leave for San Antonio next week, where she will have one of many reconstructive surgeries.

If you would like to help with donations to make this trip possible call Olga Rodriguez at 956-408-4907