Dogs lending a helping paw to clean up oil spill

Man's best friends doing their part to help with the BP oil spill and they appear to have no bark about it.

Dina Tunberg owns The Groom Room off Freddy Gonzalez Road in McAllen and is doing a lot more than just cleaning up these pups, she's doing her part in cleaning up the environment.

"If I had my way, I would drop everything and go help, but I have to make a living so this is the best I can do," she told Action 4 News.

Pets at The Groom Room get the cut and brush their owners pay for.

But instead of dumping their leftover locks in the trash, Tunberg and her assistant Melinda Newton thought of sending it off to be placed in boons to soak up oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It all just got thrown away. It's something I took for granted and now it's gonna end up being something useful," Tunberg said.

The dogs don't seem to mind donating their hair to a good cause. In fact, most seem pleased to be getting rid of the extra weight.

Grooming here has produced over 20 pounds of hair in just a few weeks which has been sent to the same company taking human hair from salons across the U.S.

"I know they say human hair is better, but they can't produce the kind of volume that I can," Tunberg said.

At 3 to 6 pounds collected a week, Dina's little part could end up going a long way, if BP decides to use the boons to assist in cleaning up the oil spill.

All man's best friend had to do was sit back and relax and give up a few inches of hair of which most had plenty to spare.

"This oil spill is heartbreaking to me, so glad that I could help," Tunberg said.