Dogs mutilated with "machete"

Two dogs were brutally attacked after they were slashed, possibly with a machete, and no arrests have been made in the animal cruelty case.

The family wants justice, but they are currently focusing their energy on saving their dogs' lives.

I don TMt want her to suffer or anything, the concerned owner said.

The Edinburg girl was too distraught to even show her face and cannot believe what happened to her beloved pets

"She's slashed up from her face. She can't even eat. She's going to die either way," she said.

Her pets named Baby and Adam were butchered. Adam was sliced across the back of his neck, and Baby endured the wrath of whoever was holding a machete.

Baby TMs face was cut nearly in half, leaving a gash the size of a melon on her back.

"They got cut with a machete. I don't know why anyone would do that to them. They are nice dogs they are not aggressive dogs, Claudia Orozco said. Her sister and mother have all been tending to the badly injured dogs, as they figure out a way to pay for what will be large veterinary bills.

"My parents don't have money, I don't have money and you can see the dogs are still fighting for their lives and we need help getting them stitched up. This is such cruelty to an animal, Orozco said.

Cruelty does not come close to describing what these two dogs had to endure late Monday night.

A trail of blood is all that the family has to follow in an attempt to find the person who committed the brutal crime on Ansley street in Edinburg.

"The officers informed us because nobody saw them machete the dogs, they can't press charges against them. So, if anybody knows or anyone saw what happened please let us know, Orozco said. Her younger sister just can't see a reason anyone would go this far.

"Even if they were going through their property it still doesn't justify that," Orozco TMs sister said.

"He's an old dog, but he's a faithful and honorable dog that has already gone through so much, her sister added.

Heartbroken, the family may have to make a choice if the dogs wounds are too deep, and if they can't come up with enough money to pay for their treatment.

"It's hard to put your dog down, I know, but it's better than seeing them suffer like that."

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department is investigating, but no suspects are being questioned in this case because there were no witnesses. A crime of this nature is punishable by up to a year in prison and a four thousand dollar fine in Texas.

Action 4 News viewers have stepped up to donate for the veterinary care of the beloved pets.

The dogs are getting emergency care at Pet Doctor 911 on 7017 North 10th Street Suite T in McAllen.

Contact (956)683-PETS to make a donation under Adam and Baby Orozco.

The bill total for both is more than a thousand dollars right now.