Domestic violence numbers rise locally

Statistics show that in 2008, 136 Texas women were killed by their spouse or partner.

Three of those deaths were in Hidalgo Country.

This is a 30 percent increase from the number killed in 2007.

Cecilia Mendoza, legal services manager for Mujeres Unidas said, Of course those are the victims that lose their lives, but there are a lot of victims that fall victim to verbal abuse, emotional and psychological abuse.

Even with safe houses, legal support, and choices for those living in domestic violence, the story on why they don TMt leave is still the same.

They love this person and hope they will change, said Mendoza. They make promises that it TMll be the last time|.you want to save your marriage|but sometimes it TMs not the best thing for everyone.

But sometimes getting out of abuse is harder than people may think.

In my situation I wasn TMt allowed to use the phone or even leave the room, said Jane. I was kept in a room and watched so I wouldn TMt leave. Once, I had to crawl through the window when I was 7 months pregnant, said a domestic abuse survivor that wants to remain anonymous. She said starting a normal life, after living years under lock and key was tough.

It TMs hard because you have to deal with bills, rent, and that kind of situation when you TMre use to someone else doing it for you, she said.

But, she admits, it can be done.

"I was helped. I got out of a situation I was in after 11 years of abuse."

And now, she and her children are much happier.

If you or someone you know you a victim of domestic violence, remember there is help out there.

Locally you can call 630- HURT (4878) or a 24 hour hotline at 1-800-580-4879.