Domestic violence suspect escapes while wearing handcuffs

Leonel Martin Tijerina // Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office Photo

Authorities are hoping that a missing handcuff will lead them to a suspect on the run.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Office deputies reported that Leonel Martin Tijerina escaped from custody over the weekend.

Deputies arrested Tijerina for allegedly assaulting a family member in the Pharr area on Saturday.

But in the process of putting the handcuffs, deputies say Tijerina started fighting with them.

The arrested used pepper spray and hit Tijerina in the arm with a baton.

But investigators said that Tijerina managed to get away.

"He did take off with one of our handcuffs attached to one of his arms, Sheriff Lupe Trevio said. We would like to have that back along with his body. If we could have the public's assistance we would really appreciate it."

Anyone with information on Tijerina's whereabouts is asked to call the Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers hotline at (956) 668-TIPS.