Donations for victims of Bastrop wildfire

Jeremy Reiley was sending out prayers over Facebook for the people affected by the wildfires in Bastrop when he got an idea.

"It was just between me and a friend of mine Jim Parker. Last night, I sent him a text and said do you want to go to Bastrop, and he said okay let's go."

The two men are ready to head there, but they need the community to help fill up vans and trailers at the First Baptist Church in Harlingen.

"We're asking people to bring bottled water, Gatorade, toiletries, socks, gently used or new clothes to be dropped off here."

Reiley and his fellow churchgoers are using Facebook to spread the word about the donation drive, even though he doesn't know any of the 1,000 families affected by the fires.

He still believes it's his responsibility to get them some relief.

"It's not like a hurricane where after the house gets torn up you can dig through it. These people are left with absolutely nothing except the clothes on their backs."

Reiley and his team will set up shop outside the Worship Center of the First Baptist Church on Wednesday and then deliver the donations to a Christian Outreach Center in the Bastrop area Thursday.

"If people will bring it in, we'll find a way to get it there."

You can drop off your donations for Bastrop at the First Baptist Church on Van Buren in Harlingen between 8am and 8pm today, Wednesday.

The truck will leave on Thursday to deliver the goods.