Donations pour in for Alton families left homeless in fire

The donations have poured in since an Action 4 News report aired Thursday night.

Many slightly used items will be the new belongings for three Alton families after all their possessions were reduced to rubble when their house caught fire.

"Lots of people have helped us out, we thank them very much," Nabor Carpio said.

Support for him and his family has been overwhelming in the 24 hours since the fire started.

The Red Cross stepped in to help the six adults and eight children who were all living in the same house.

"We're able to provide three days of food clothing and shelter so right now we made arrangements so they'll be staying at a hotel," Executive Director Cynthya Guerra said.

She added that she was touched by the outpouring of support from the community.

Dozens of people drove up to what is left of Carpio's home, with food, clothes, money and toys for the little ones.

Each item will help the family get back on their feet.

A neighbor will be renting them another home, but it lacks the basic utilities, like water or electricity.

"They need assistance trying to get the deposits taken care of so that they can open the light and have the water on also," Guerra said.

Carpio expressed his gratitude to everyone who has helped his family so far.

"Thank God we are all alive, and there were no human losses, he concluded.

He also said feels lucky to have a job to help provide for the family, but recognized there is a very long road ahead for all of them.

Anyone interested in helping out the family can contact Carpio directly at (956) 599-8185 or 776-7356.