Donna family moves out of tent and into donated mobile home

The Almaraz family is unaware that life as they know it will never be the same for them on 206 Liam Street in Donna.

They gather together near the street for a surprise.

In the distance, is a donated mobile home.

The delivery comes as a shock.

Raw emotion takes over.

For the first time in a month, the family of five, no longer has to sleep in a tent due to financial difficulties.

They now own a home for the first time ever.

"Here's the clear title and keys to your house sir," Jose and Maria Almaraz are told.

Jose is the father and sole provider who couldn't work after he was hospitalized following a stroke.

The pain of seeing his three kids, the youngest age five, sleep in a tent when his trailer had to be repossessed broke his heart.

"Everything I've been going through has been a nightmare," he said. "Now it's a dream."

The family says the 12 TM x 36 TM mobile home will absolutely change their life.

It's fully furnished with air conditioning and even a freezer full of meat.

They also received a number of other donations thanks to businesses who showed they really care.

Ricardo Filizola is an Action 4 News partner with GEF Financial Agency.

His company previously donated $700 to the Almaraz family on a Pay it 4Ward episode back on March 6th.

"We realized after that we didn't want them living in a tent so we immediately started calling people," Ricardo said. "We called Tip O Tex Chevrolet, Long Chilton of Brownsville. Alma B and Mike Snyder who's part of an organization called Trinity Oaks along with Aarons Mobile Transfers."

With keys in hand, the Almaraz family steps into the home for the first time.

There's enough room for everyone.

The youngest in the family is amazed as walks into each room.

Trinity Oaks also donated a $200 gift card to HEB.

"It's wonderful to be able to give back and see a community come together just with a few people with generous hearts," Mike said. "People coming together and making it happen to impact the lives of somebody like this is just awesome."

The family also gets a 32" inch LED TV.

There are even toys for the kids.Mom shares how she feels.

"I'm overwhelmed," Maria said. "I want to thank everyone who assisted. This is just a life-changing moment for us."

And for the businesses that banded together by taking action for a family in need.

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