Donna mom says principal "wrote on her son like a coloring book"

A Donna mother claims a middle school principal crossed the line while taking disciplinary action against her son.

Laura Bustos is upset about what happened to her son Josiah Bustos at Veterans Middle School on Tuesday.

It all started when Josiah got a new haircut over Christmas Break.

Josiah returned to classes with three lines cut on to each side of his hair.

Bustos said Principal Claudia Guerrero saw it and told him the haircut needed to go.

But later that day she said, Guerrero allegedly grabbed a Sharpie marker, titled Josiah's head and did something unexpected.

"She colored my design in front of the whole cafeteria, Josiah said. All the people were looking at me laughing and all that. I was laughing too because I was embarrassed."

Josiah now has a haircut that complies with school dress codes.

But the middle school student's family had to attend two funerals over the holidays not leaving them with time to go to the barber's.

Josiah thought it would grow out enough to not be noticed but his mother says the principal crossed the line.

"There are other ways to go about than to take it upon your own hands and write on a student with a Sharpie marker, Laura Bustos said. She wrote on him like a coloring book with a marker.

The angry mother filed a report with the Donna Independent School (ISD) District Police Department where the incident is being investigated.

Laura said her son plays football and basketball and is not a troublemaker. She considers the incident as a possible assault.

She could've called me and let me know you need to come and pick up your son| he's not supposed to have this, Bustos said. Or she could've put him in in-school suspension and let me know what she was gonna do instead of taking it upon her own hands."

Action 4 News attempted to speak to Guerrero but she deferred comment to Donna ISD Superintendent Robert Loredo.

Loredo told Action 4 News that he did not have any information as of Thursday afternoon and would look into it on Friday morning.