Donna neighborhood fears gunman

On the 500 Block of Ellen street, Donna Police said Carlos Diaz threatened an elderly woman with a gun Wednesday evening.

Neighbors claimed he also threw a bottle at her.

Missed her head, and she took off running because she knew that he had already threatened her yesterday, said neighbor Eva Alvarez. She took off running, crying, terrified| and she fell to the floor, and she hurt her knee.

Alvarez said Diaz used to live in the lot right next to the elderly woman.

About three hours before he reportedly threatened the elderly woman, police said Diaz shot out the windows of a car nearby.

Police said a fight with his in-laws may have provoked it.

Alvarez said the gunman threatened her several times.

She said she fears for her children.

They TMre terrified, said Alvarez. As soon as they see him coming down the street they haul butt inside.

Wednesday night police patrolled Ellen Street.

Alvarez told Action 4 News she has called police several times on Diaz.

She said she hopes Diaz is arrested before someone gets hurt.

If you know where Diaz is, please call Donna Police at 956-464-4423.