Donna parents angry text alerts never mentioned "chemical spill"

Donna ISD Superintendent Dr. Roberto Loredo

Parents of Donna High School students are unhappy with how the school district handled a chemical spill this morning.

I brought them in the morning and they were fine, then they call me and tell me something happened, parent Beatrice Amro said.

Amro TMs two teenage children were among the 1,800 evacuated this morning at the high school.

The district superintendent said a science teacher reaching for a book accidently broke a container filled with a dead specimen and formaldehyde.

It smelled like fish, a senior student said.

Students were evacuated from the building and 26 people including the teacher and a security guard were taken to the hospital after inhaling the fumes.

We moved the students outside and we called the proper authorities, Superintendent Dr. Roberto Loredo said.

Parents tell Action 4 News they are unhappy with the way the district sent out text alerts that had no information about the incident.

The first text message alerted parents that they were conducting a fire drill and the school would resume shortly.

The second text message said school was being dismissed early.

The text me and tell me it TMs a regular drill and it wasn TMt parent Roxanne Medina said.

Parents were never told a hazardous chemical was released into the air and that students may be in danger.

What if it was one of my kids that was on the way to the hospital? Medina said. They just told us it was a normal fire drill and it wasn TMt.

Dr. Loredo said the district has a plan for situations like this one and that plan was followed.

I do not feel that at anytime the students were in danger and that the plan we have was followed, he said.

Medina disagrees and says someone should be held accountable.

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