Don TMt be an insurance statistic this holiday season

Black Friday shoppers

That time of the year is here!

Thousands of Valley residents are cooking, shopping, and decorating homes to kick off the holiday season.

They TMre all things that we spend time, energy, and cash on.

But, according to recent All State Insurance survey, they can be costlier than you think.

"During the holiday season, claims increase approximately 23%," says All State Insurance Agent Rick Ortiz.

He says the number one cause is no surprise.

There's fire, that's what we typically see increase in the holiday season," confirms Ortiz.

Candles left burning without attendance are a primary culprit.

Christmas trees can be a fire hazard too.

They account for 100-thousand bucks in damages, nationally.

And claims attributed to deep-frying turkeys triple during the season

But, Ortiz says here in the Valley, there are plenty of Grinches who want to steal your Christmas and will go to great lengths to do so.

"Here in the Valley, we see theft increase because a lot of people see there's packages coming in and out of the house|especially when there's packages being delivered by couriers and left on your doorsteps," warns Ortiz.

The simple solution to avoid being a victim is to follow some simple safety tips.

Check those fire prevention products and don't leave candles burning.

Don't advertise trips to shop on social media, and don't leave presents unattended in the car.