Doorstep mail delivery a thing of the past?

The comfort of having your mailbox just feet from your front door could soon be gone.

According to CNN, more than 35 million residences and business get mail delivered to their doorstep.

Ricardo Garza likes his mail delivered to his door step but has concerns for others.

"Actually I don TMt have no problem with it but for the elderly people I think you know its kind of hard for them," Ricardo Garza said.

If House Republicans have anything to do with it, door-to-door mail delivery will likely go away.

The zoom of the postal vehicles that you see around your neighborhood will only be delivering to centralized locations

Gilda Falcon believes it TMs not a good idea.

"My mom is a senior citizen our neighbor across the street and we have people well all of them are not senior citizens but we dont like it because they have trouble going to the mail," Gilda Falcon said.

Moving away from door to door delivery is reportedly a cost saving move.

Right now it cost $353 per stop for delivery, taking into account salaries and cost of transportation.

Delivery for curbside mailboxes cost $224 and cluster mailboxes cost $160.

Jaime Galvan said he loves the idea and is currently using centralized delivery at his Kileen neighborhood.

"In my case its in front of the house so it makes it convenient for me but everybody else its at the beginning of the street so on their way in they just stop right there," Jaime Galvan said.

Delivering to cluster mailboxes would be the agencies largest fix to the cash strapped postal service.

Ending the door to door deliveries would save the postal service $4.5 billion a year.