Double hit-and-run accident ends with DWI charge

Two women arrested following a double hit-and-run in Harlingen

Two women are facing criminal charges after drinking, driving and wrecking into two cars where they allegedly tried to flee the scene.

Harlingen police arrested 22-year-old Amber Justine Domanski and 38-year-old America Sauceda early Friday morning.

Investigators told Action 4 News that the two women were arrested at the scene of a double accident on the 400 block of South 3rd Street.

Officers were called to the scene after a gray 2012 Nissan Versa hit two cars.

Police reported that Domanski was behind the wheel and fled the scene after hitting the first car but was not able to leave after hitting the second car.

Officers charged Domanksi with DWI and two counts of duty upon striking an unattended vehicle.

Sauceda was charged with public intoxication.

The two appeared before a Harlingen Municipal Court judge where Domanski was given $7,500 dollars in bonds and Sauceda was given a $339 dollar fine.