Double murder and kidnapping suspect placed under suicide watch

The man, involved in stabbing two women to death and kidnapping another, is behind bars after authorities found him in a sewer pond Sunday night attempting to drown himself.

According to The Monitor, after a pursuit, the suspect rammed his vehicle into a gate at a water plant on Milano Road and then jumped into a holding sewer pond.

U.S. Marshals, Weslaco firemen and sheriff deputies had to use hooks to pull the man out.

He was taken to the hospital for a checkup and placed under suicide watch at the Hidalgo County Jail.

Police had been searching for the man since Sunday morning when a passer-by saw 5-year-old and 6-year-old wandering the street.

One of the children said that their mother was dead and the passer-by immediately called 911.

Hidalgo County Sheriff deputies arrived at the home and found two women stabbed and beaten to death, one in the garage and one in the restroom.

According to the Monitor, Investigators believe the man showed the bodies of the women to a neighbor before kidnapping her and driving her around the area for a couple hours.

The kidnapping victim was able to escape and contact authorities when she and the man stopped at Rudy TMs Barbeque on Nolana Avenue.

Neither she nor the two children were harmed during the whole incident and Child Protective Services and helping with the investigation.