Double murder raises questions of 'spillover' violence from Mexico

Brownsville police are still investigating the gruesome murders of two Mexican Nationals discovered Thursday night.

The two people were identified as the driver Jos Guadalupe Perez Chavez , 38 years of age, and Omar Castillo Flores as being the passenger the Mexican Consulate has been informed," said Eddie Perez with the Brownsville Police Department.

The shooting happened on FM 511 just feet away from Rancho Viejo Elementary School, steps away from the Brownsville Border Patrol station, and just around the corner from the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department.

Justice of the Peace Linda Salazar was one of the first to arrive at the scene.

Since I took office in 2005, I TMve never seen nothing like that shooting|to make sure that person is completely dead," said Salazar. Like if someone had maybe gotten down to shoot him again to make sure they were dead." Salazar told Action 4 the victims were dressed casually, one had a t-shirt and the other a polo shirt

Both men with gunshot wounds in the face and throughout the body.

According to Salazar the shooting looked execution style.

They gave me the impression that maybe these people did something wrong to people they were dealing with and they weren TMt too happy so they went after them, explained the Judge.

Police investigators are not revealing details about the case but did tell us they made an important discovery.

Early this morning there was a vehicle that was found in the area of Cedar Trail and Treeline Road possibly a suspect vehicle also with Mexican plates, said Garcia.

Judge Salazar said it may have been the same vehicle spotted the night of the murders.

We noticed there was a pick up that was driving very slow|like if the person and was checking out if everything had been done right or something." Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating this case, from local police to federal authorities.

While no one will say if this is a possible spill over of violence from Mexico, this county leader hopes, this is not the beginning of anything.