Dozens of 'fresh' roach droppings discovered at Raymondville hot spot

Most people cringe when they hear about roaches in restaurants, but Mi Pueblito in Raymondville is busted with proof of the contamination.

The restaurant on 383 East Hidalgo scored 19 demerits, which is shy just of low performer status on Food 4 Thought.

A state health inspector reported four dozen roach droppings on a visit.

The kitchen cop also indicated they were fresh when observed on the floor in the dry food storage area, according to the health report.

A black mold-like substance was also discovered in the ice machine chute.

Mi Pueblito has been featured two other times by the Food Patrol for dirty dining.

A report in 2010 exposed 53 demerits for both rodent and insect contamination.

In 2011, one of the owners tried to deny she scored 24 demerits.

The Food Patrol later found the same health inspection report, with 24 demerits, posted on the restaurant TMs wall.

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