Dozens Rally at Willacy Processing Center

Dozens of students and community groups gathered Saturday afternoon in front of Tent City in Raymondville to demand its closure.

"Coming down here and seeing all these tents in the middle of the field you know, we knew it was here but just seeing it is just really shocking that that happens in the U.S," student Rob Block said.

Block was one of a handful of students that drove from Houston to the rally.

Here they met up with students from the Valley and the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a few community and faith groups.

They chose to rally against the Willacy Processing Center, also known as Tent City, because of what they call "abuses going on inside.

"We're appalled at the condition and human and civil rights abuses that are happening in these tents, Gislaine Williams, a student for UT-Austin, told Action 4 News. So we decided to organize and come here today to speak out against that."

The students also received support from local groups like the Methodist Church.

Cindy Johnson is a deacon in the Valley, and said she is glad to see young people taking up a cause that hits close to home for her.

We can see the families there we've talked to, the families we know, she said. Families in our own area that are going through very terrible problems because of the broken immigration system we have."

In the meantime, they said they will keep pushing for change, until detention centers like Tent City are closed.