DPS arrests Mexican Mafia members for Spring Break stabbing

Nine supsects were arraigned for their roles in a Spring Break stabbing on South Padre Island

Authorities have arrested 11 alleged members of the Texas Mexican Mafia in connection to the stabbing of a Spring Breaker on South Padre Island.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers lead a coalition of law enforcement agencies on Wednesday morning.

DPS officials reported authorities rounded up and arrested the 11 Texas Mexican Mafia members in the San Antonio and Pleasanton areas.

Investigators said a total of 10 federal search warrants were executed along with multiple state arrest warrants.

The state warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and engaging in organized criminal activity stem from an investigation by the South Padre Island Police Department involving a March 17 stabbing.

San Antonio-based Texas Mexican Mafia members are accused of attacking and stabbing Spring Breaker Derek Madrigal on the South Padre Island beach during Spring Break.

A graphic and disturbing video of the stabbing and beating that followed circulated on the Internet.

Madrigal spent weeks in the hospital but was released last week where he was sent home and is expected to make a full recovery.

DPS officials said authorities seized cash, weapons, cell phones, laptop computers, gang paraphernalia, documents and a stolen motorcycle during the roundup.

The men were all charged with aggravated assault and engaging in criminal activity.

Authorities identified the arrested gang members:

Eric John Gomez, 35, Texas Mexican Mafia (TMM) General. $800,000 bond. Carlos Saenz III, 26, TMM Member of Leadership. $500,000 bond. Alfredo Valdez, 30, TMM Soldier. $800,000 bond. Emilio J. Ruvalcaba, 28, TMM Soldier. $500,000 bond. Jamie A. Matos, 30, TMM Soldier. $800,000 bond. Gilbert Balderas, 30, TMM Associate $500,000 bond. Omar I. Guerrero,27, TMM Soldier. $800,000 bond. Thomas Wayne Garcia, 27, TMM Associate. $ 800,000 bond. Michael Villarreal, 21, TMM Associate, $700,000 bond. Matthew Villarreal, 17, TMM Associate (not related to South Padre Island case) Daniel Fernandez, 29, TMM Soldier (not related to South Padre Island case)

Suspect Michael J. Rangel has been in custody in the Cameron County Jail since March 17th but DPS are now identifying the 33-year-old San Antonio man as a leader with the feared prison gang.

The Texas Rangers and the South Padre Island Police Department are transporting nine of the arrested Texas Mexican Mafia members and associates to the Cameron County Jail.

Three other men are still being sought in connection with the South Padre Island assault.