Drainage Project Causing Residents Trouble

A sign posted at the entrance of La Suea subdivision located outside Alton states, tax-payers dollars at work on a drainage project. However, neighbors living there disagree.

Martin Gonzalez TMs mother lives at the subdivision and is upset.

"Now it's a joke, Gonzalez said, because if you go out there to the entrance, where you see a sign that (states) ~your tax dollars at work, TM it's really your tax dollars at waste."

Residents on Rabbit Run Drive said the new drainage system is supposed to alleviate flooding issues, instead, they've gotten only problems with torn-up drive ways, piles of rubble, and exposed drainage pipes.

Marlen Ramirez is worried about the exposed pipes.

"They're working on the drainage, and they're just leaving the ditches all around the houses, (a) truck already fell on one of those ditches and (the owner) had to pay a wrecker to get it out, Ramirez said The drainage already has toys and dirt and stuff (in it).

Neighbors said the exposed pipes are also dangerous for children living in the area.

"I think it's just not right, Cassandra Perales said. The kids, they get in the pipes, and it's really dangerous and something could happen to them."

Residents said county leaders have told them the pipes will remain exposed permanently, but they said the reasons they TMve been given don TMt make sense.

"The reason they said is because in case they get clogged-up, they can come and clean them, Gonzalez said. But it's the opposite effect - they're already clogged-up -what are they going to do come and clean them tomorrow?"

Residents fear this project will actually cause more flooding problems.

"It's going to get worse if they don't have a better solution for this neighborhood," Gonzalez said.