DREAM Act supporters outraged at teen suicide

DREAM Act supporter and Co-Founder of the Tequila Party Movement Shirl Mora James said she TMs outraged about the suicide of 18-year-old Joaquin Luna, an illegal immigrant and senior at Juarez Lincoln High School in Mission.

"Maybe it took Joaquin to sacrifice himself, to bring attention to the desperate situation that the Dreamers are in," Mora James said Monday. These kids are American - they are Americans without status - but they are still Americans!"

Family members said despite Luna TMs achievements in school and talent for design, the teen thought he would never reach his goals of becoming an engineer, and providing a better life for his family, since he didn't have a Social Security number to proceed.

"It's unfortunate, but there has been other cases where the kids get desperate (and) they give up, Mora James said. This one is more heart wrenching because just last year, were five votes short of passing the DREAM Act."

Cameron County Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said the DREAM Act does not give universal amnesty and most who have analyzed the act, agree it's's just a few ultra conservatives that oppose the act.

"I firmly believe that there's some racist elements to that, Hinojosa said. I believe they want to keep America to themselves. They don TMt want this country to be the country that it's always been, that welcomes people from all over the world."

Richard Hartwell, founder of the web site Action Dream Team, which also supports the DREAM Act and provides a forum for Dreamers, said Luna TMs fears of failing have much merit.

"I can show you people that have multiple degrees in science that are working as interpreters because they can TMt work in their field because they don TMt have nine numbers," Harwell said.

By not passing the DREAM Act, Hartwell said the government is pushing talent and an economic boost elsewhere.

"Many of these young people are actually going to Canada, where with a degree and a job offer, Canada will welcome you," Hartwell said.

Unfortunately, Joaquin Luna, chose to stop fighting for a better life.

An account has been set-up to help Joaquin Luna TMs family with funeral and other expenses.CapitalOne Bank

Acct Name: Joaquin Luna Lerma

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