Drive-by shooting disturbs quiet neighborhood

Marcelino Cruz

A quiet neighborhood on the east side of Rio Grande City was disturbed by bullets Friday night.

Investigators tell Action 4 News the drive by shooting took place on Santa Cruz Rd.

For over 20 years, Marcelino Cruz has been living in this neighborhood.

"A shooting here? No, no I haven't heard of a shooting," Marcelino said.

He's in disbelief that a home in his neighborhood was the target of such a crime.

He talks about crime happening all the time in the upper valley but according to Marcelino the news is rare in the small town of Rio Grande City.

"Well crime is everywhere....everywhere, I hear about it happening in the upper valley but not here," Marcelino said.

Authorities tell Action 4 News they responded to a call on the east side of town.

Yellow caution tape surrounds the home where the shooting took place.

The shooting next to Melitonys Villarreal's house doesn't scare him.

Stating he believes, it was an isolated incident and says he's more concerned about people speeding through his neighborhood.

"As for drive by shootings I TMm not concerned about it. It's something that if it does happen, it TMs a rare occurrence. I TMm just not worried, because it doesn't happen so often that I should worry about it," Villarreal said.

Marcelinol says he rides his bike daily throughout the area, claiming no one has ever stopped him, or treated him bad.

"Not 100 percent but 70 percent of the time I feel safe because no one has ever bothered me," Marcelino said.

Despite the shooting in his neighborhood, Marcelino says he will continue to ride his bike and live his life without fear.

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