Driver bails out leaving passenger with $1.2 million in meth

Arcadio Granados-Gomez // Cameron County Jail Photo

Authorities are looking for a man who bailed out of his car during a traffic stop and left his passenger alone with $1.2 million dollars worth of meth.

Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputies arrested Arcadio Granados-Gomez on Monday.

Sheriff Omar Lucio told Action 4 News that a deputy pulled over a car for a traffic stop off Expressway 77/83 and Highway 100 near Los Fresnos.

Investigators reported that the driver took off into the woods leaving the car and Granados-Gomez behind.

Drug-sniffing dog alerted deputies to the drugs inside the car.

Deputies found three car batteries in the back of the vehicle.

Investigators opened the car batteries and found nearly 40 pounds of meth worth $1.2 million dollars inside of them.

Sheriff Lucio said investigators believe the drugs were headed up north.

Deputies charged Granados-Gomez with a possession of a controlled substance charge.

Authorities are still working to identify and locate the driver of the car.