Driver behind deadly hit and run speaks out

Barrios speaks out

Rubi Barrios said the night of a deadly hit and run still haunts her.

"As I was driving I didn TMt see no one. It was so dark down that road. I didn TMt see anyone or nothing. That TMs the thing, I didn TMt see anyone" Barrios said.

Barrrios said she was on her way to her friend TMs house when something unexpectedly hit her windshield, and she covered her face when she struck it.

The car she was driving was on cruise control and kept moving along business 77.

Barrios said she got out and looked behind her car, but did not see anything.

She then proceeded to go to her friend TMs house.

"We went down the same road and we pulled over where I thought it had happened, and we got out and we checked and there was nothing, you know. So, I was like oh maybe it was an animal or something, it got up and it ran and then we just went home "

What she thought was an animal was actually a 21-year-old man from Raymondville.

She said her vehicle had minor damage from striking Adrian Trevio.

Since the vehicle had minor damage, she assumed that it must have not been something major.

She had many unanswered questions, and did not realize what she had hit until she heard about the incident on the news.

"Like, oh my god, you know. Like, I took someone else TMs life away, you know, that I wasn't supposed to," she explained.

Even though it happened nearly a month ago, she said she still thinks about the accident.

Barrios said she wants to tell the family that she is sorry and that she never meant to hit Trevio.

She stressed that it was an accident and added that it was dark, so he should not of been walking that late on the side of the road.

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