Driver of Mustang leads police on high speed chase through Harlingen

23-year-old David Eduardo Garza

An early morning car chase from Combes to the west area Harlingen, lands a driver behind bars.

A Combes police officer had attempted to pull over a red Mustang early Thursday morning after he noticed that the driver didn TMt stop at a stop sign.

Instead of pulling over, the driver of the Mustang sped off onto U.S. Highway 77 into the Harlingen area.

The officer chased the vehicle as the driver weaved on and off the highway and the frontage road.

The Mustang eventually turned westward onto Expressway 83 and continued to drive to Old Business 83 traveling towards La Feria.

Backup from the Primera Police Department arrived, and three police units were able to box in the Mustang on Stuart Place Road.

The officers ordered the driver to place his hands in the air.

Two people came out of the car, the driver 23-year-old David Eduardo Garza, and the passenger 18-year-old Luis Alfredo Garza.

David was taken into custody and charged with evading arrest and reckless driving.

Man charged for leading police on a high speed chase across Harlingen

Garza was charged with evading arrest and reckless driving.