Drivers confronted with rising gas prices

There's more pain at the pumps for motorists as the price of gas continues to go up.

The switch over from winter to summer gas is coming in most states at the beginning of April. No question everyone is feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices continue to climb.

The national average is $3.76 and in New York it's $3.98, about $0.20 higher.

In the Rio Grande Valley, drivers are getting more bang for their buck at $3.69.

Months before millions of Americas hit the road for summer vacations gas prices are rising, but as the gage goes up, so does their knowledge on how and where to get the most for their money.

Reports say that by next month motorists will be paying more than $4.00 a gallon in most states.

There are some clear ~Do's and Don'ts TM these drivers face in these high price climates.

Officials with Triple A say the most important thing a consumer can do is to shop around and search the Internet for the best prices out there.

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