Drivers: Slow down and move over

Sgt. Johnny Hernandez

Law enforcement across the Valley are telling drivers to slow down and move over this holiday season.

It TMs all to make sure every officer, and all emergency personnel working the streets will make it home to their families. The move over law went into effect back in 2002, but still officers making traffic stops and assisting in accidents continue to be put in danger by people refusing to follow the law.

A dash cam video was taken early December as a police officer assisted in an accident on North 281 in Pharr.

As the officer walks back toward his patrol car, in a matter of seconds he's thrown in front of his vehicle and hit by a van.

The person driving that vehicle did stop and help the officer, but failed to obey the slow down and move-over law. He could now be facing charges.

The officer escaped with a few scrapes and bruises, but will be okay.

Sgt. Johnny Hernandez with the Department of Public Safety said not everyone is that lucky.

He said DPS, along with all police departments in the Valley, will be out in full force this holiday season enforcing the move-over law to keep everyone out of harm TMs way.

It's not about just moving over, it's also about slowing down.

Sgt. Hernandez said motorists should decrease their speed by 20 mph when they see an emergency vehicle.