Driving with headlights off ends with child endangerment charges

Stephanie Ann Rodriguez // Brownvsille Police Department Photo

A Brownsville woman is facing charges after a police officer allegedly caught her driving 10 people and two children with the headlights off.

Brownsville police arrested 22-year-old Stephanie Ann Rodriguez on multiple criminal charges early Monday morning.

Investigators told Action 4 News that a police officer pulled over her car on the 4200 block of Boca Chica Boulevard.

The officer reported that Rodriguez was driving a car with 10 people and two babies without child safety seats.

Brownsville police officer Billy Killebrew spoke to Action 4 News about the incident.

Being that there are so many people in the car you have two children they are probably sitting on someone TMs lap, if they make a sudden stop or they are involved in a accident those children are going to be ejected or hit a windshield, Officer Killebrew said.

Police charged Rodriguez with reckless driving and two counts of child endangerment.