Drug and human smugglers make the trek across the Rio Grande each year

Each year thousands of drug and human smugglers, along with their cargo, make the trek across the Rio Grande.

Their trek has been documented on shows like 'Border Wars' on the National Geographic Channel.

"This is our fourth trip to the Rio Grande Valley, series producer Nicholas Stein said. Obviously Southern Texas is a very interesting part of the border. There's been a lot of activity."

From chases, to stash houses, the activity will bring filming crews to the Valley in April.

They will begin shooting new episodes for the upcoming season.

"Our access is the key to the success of the show, no access, no show," he added.

This week the show producers met with local law enforcement leaders.

Whereas in the past, the show has followed federal agents, this season the focus will be different.

"The feds work so closely with local law enforcement, the towns of Mission, San Juan, La Joya, up and down the river, Stein said. We really feel it TMs time to bring local law enforcement into the picture and also get to know the impact on the local community."

Stein said the Valley stands out from other parts of the border because of the many cities that dot the Rio Grande.

He commends local law enforcement for the work they do to help keep the border safe.

"They've got to catch these guys; they've got to make sure the public is safe; they've got to figure out through intelligence how the stuff is moved," he added.

By showcasing the work from local law enforcement, he also hopes to show the impact it has on local communities.