Drug chase suspect flees inside busy WalMart

A drug smuggling suspect is behind bars after leading police on a chase that ended with him trying to flee inside a busy WalMart.

It all started miles off Abram Road and Military Highway where Palmview police received a tip about drug smuggling activity.

An officer spotted the car but the driver refused to stop.

Palmview police reported that the driver was able to dodge tire spike strips laid down on the road and made it to Expressway 83.

The chase continued through Mission and on into McAllen where the driver exited on South Jackson Road.

Investigators said the driver crashed his car through a chain link fence outside a WalMart.

The driver bailed out and fled inside the busy store.

Off-duty McAllen police officers working security for the store arrested the suspect with the help of concerned on-lookers.

Investigators found 450 pounds of marijuana inside the suspect's vehicle.

The drug smuggling suspect is now in custody where he is facing several criminal charges.

Investigators are withholding the suspect's name until he faces a judge.