Drug deal gone bad ends with charges for suspect & victim

Hidalgo County sheriff investigators told Action 4 News that Omar Cortez was just the middle man in a drug deal gone bad---it was what he did during the deal that landed him behind bars.

"I ordered my investigators to look into the possibility of filing child endangerment charges again Carlos Omar Cortez, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said. He had his child with him during this drug transaction that turned nearly deadly."

Cortez was charged with child endangerment on Monday.

"He put his child in harm TMs way, Trevino started. That child could've been killed by a stray bullet during the struggle and I'm not going to accept it. I don't see how a father could do that to his own child...I just don't understand it."

Despite being placed in harm TMs way, Trevino said that 10-year-old provided investigators with key information in the case.

He told them what happened that Friday Afternoon.

"Children don't lie. They almost always tell you the truth," Trevino said.

Jose Carlos Perea met up with Jesse Medrano, Trevino said, with the understanding that he was going to give Madrano a kilo of cocaine in exchange for money.

Trevino said that did not believe Perea ever had cocaine with him"but intended on robbing Madrano.

Madrano was allegedly shot six time by Perea---who fled the scene and then later turned himself in to authorities.

Perea was charged with attempted capital murder early Monday morning.

Madrano is expected to make a full recovery.