Drug Related Kidnapping and Murder in Brownsville

A slew of authorities, from the local and federal level, surrounded Roberta Road off Expressway 77 in Brownsville Wednesday, after the body of 22-year-old Reyes Gilberto Bocanegra was found in the back seat of his white Tahoe.Brownsville Police said the man was shot execution style. They said it began with Bocanegra TMs kidnapping from the restaurant Mariscos Playa Azul, located on the 300 block of Military Highway. They continue reviewing surveillance video captured at the restaurant, looking for leads to the suspects.According to witnesses, police said, Bocanegra put up a fight."He was taken by force in a vehicle, and he put up a struggle, Interim Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said. Witnesses did say that he, at one time, looked like he had forced a window open and was sticking his head out the window."Rodriguez said they have yet to determine a motive for the murder, but preliminary evidence indicates it was drug related. He adds that the suspects weren TMt out to harm people at the restaurant, but were specifically there for Bocanegra. They add the victim had a lengthy criminal record."This is drug related - there's actually a history with this individual for narcotics and alien smuggling, Rodriguez said. He has done some time."Police have not confirmed if Bocanegra was an owner, employee or customer at the restaurant.They're also trying to figure out if there was a get-a-way vehicle, and exactly how many suspects were involved in the hit.Rodriguez wants to ensure citizens that Brownsville is a safe city."This is important that we get this out to the public, Rodriguez said, Brownsville is safe for individuals who are not involved with this type of activity.