Drug testing for unemployment/welfare recipients' could get pricey

About 80 percent of businesses require a drug test before an employee is hired"and sometimes random checks are done throughout the year to make sure they are in compliance."People are already aware that they could get tested and they don't do drugs for that reason, Director of NTC Drug and Alcohol Testing, Abraham Pena told Action 4 News. If you didn't have it in place you would probably see a lot of drug users."Pena said, the government decides to put these measures in place it could help cut down on drug use---if there was a chance that monthly check was cut off."I think it would help." However, it could still end up costing the state money. They would have to pay for the tests. "There is saliva testing, sweat testing, hair follicle testing, and urine testing. That will change the prices." For those looking to cheat the system|think again. These guys have way of finding out and quick."On a daily basis we get people trying to cheat the system. We dye the water, have them empty their on and so forth."