Drug trafficking arrest in Harlingen

Medina De La Paz arrested in Harlingen

Medina De La Paz and Gilberto Cruz were arrested Friday night after information was provided to police about possible drug trafficking on the south block of Idaho Street in Harlingen.

While undercover in the neighborhood, Harlingen P.D. saw De La Paz leaving a house with a large suspicous object.

After De La Paz drove away in a Chevy truck, a patrol officer pulled him over for a traffic violation.

The officer searched the car and found a bundle of marijuana, confiscated it and placed De La Paz under arrest.

He was charged with possession of marijuana and his bond is set at $25,000.

The arrest lead police back to the house where De La Paz had been seen.

After Gilberto Cruz allowed police to search his home, officers found more marijuana and additional narcotics.

Cruz is charged with delivery of marijuana, possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

His bond, in total, is set at $232,000.