Drug violence infiltrates valley schools

Cameron County officials have different opinions on border violence, but they agree that they are outmanned and outgunned by Mexican drug cartels.

According to some Valley educators, some of those men are coming from schools in the U.S.

UTB Instructor of Education Selma Yzgana, guest speaker at the Cameron County Border Violence documentary debut, said local children are coming forth about concerns with violence linked to the drug cartels.

They are scared of shootouts mostly and decapitations, Yzgana said.

On the other hand, she adds, some of the older children are taking notice of the glamorization of drug cartels, as their violent acts are sometimes described in "narco-corridos."

She said the poverty some children here are facing, may be attracting some to the increase in money and luxuries they are seeing in Mexico.

Cameron County District Attorney Assistant Chuck Mattingly said vicious crimes related to drug violence here, have been isolated, but it's up to law enforcement and the DA's office, to keep it that way.

Mattingly adds they are currently prosecuting two cases linked to drug violence " the murder of two alleged cartel members on FM 511 outside Brownsville in 2011, and the recent murder of Reyes Bocanegra, who was kidnapped from a Brownsville restaurant this summer.

He said people need to report suspicious activity to help prevent drug violence from escalating like in Mexico.