Drugs, guns & uniforms found at Brownsville home

Cameron County Sheriff Department deputies told Action 4 News a tip led them to a home and they said that what they found was way more than they bargained for.

Sheriff Omar Lucio said his special investigative unit conducting surveillance at a home on 7917 Topo Chico Circle in Brownsville.

The unit apparently noticed a lot of movement of cars coming in and out.

Finally, yesterday Lucio said deputies knocked on the door and questioned Roberto Carlos Lopez-Cervantez.

According to deputies, the 29-year-old illegal immigrant got nervous which prompted officers to ask to search the home.

Inside the home they found:

  • Three guns
  • Two rifles
  • 303.5 grams of cocaine
  • 26.4 grams of heroin
  • 5 kilos of marijuana
  • $4,000 dollars cash

Investigators also found night goggles but Lucio said the most unusual thing they found inside the home were brand new U.S. Army uniforms.

We feel that this equipment was going to be taken into Mexico, said Lucio. We feel that he TMs probably one of the people with one groups in the cartels."

According to Lucio, they also noticed several cans of Play-Doh stuffed with the drugs.

The case is now being investigated by U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Action 4 News obtained court documents filed in federal court in Brownsville on Wednesday.

They show authorities first learned about the activity when Lopez-Cervantez tried to mail a package with cocaine at the Brownsville post office.

Sherriff Omar Lucio told Action 4 News that more arrests are expected.