Drugs, guns, and ammunition found buried in the backyard of an Edinburg home

Drugs and guns found under dog house

Edinburg police told Action 4 News they found marijuana, cocaine, pills, guns, and ammunition buried in the backyard 401 South 34th Street early Saturday morning.

Lieutenant Oscar Trevino said they received numerous calls about the home.

He said residents who live on South 34th street had had enough.

Martin Varca has lived on the street for over two decades. He said ever since the family who live across the street moved in"the tone of the neighborhood changed.

"They never bothered me, but I would always see vehicles come and go from that home, Varca said. The lady next door posted a sign because people would always go to her house for drugs instead of the one next door."

Trevino said surveillance of the home gave police enough probably cause to search the property.

While they did not find anything inside---they did make an unusual find outside.

Buried beneath a dog house was marijuana, cocaine, pills, ammunition, and guns.

"In inspecting the bottom floor area they noticed there was some loose dirt and then looking a little further they found the drugs and guns buried underneath the dog house, Trevino said. They were all wrapped up in cellophane and in bags."

Trevino said this is not the first time they have encountered and incident like this---but it is rare in their city.

"That's what a lot of these drug dealers do, Trevino said. They put a viscous dog or a big mess on top of it (a stash) so you don't mess with it. Our investigators did a great job in locating it."

The guns serial numbers have been sent off"to see if any have been stolen.

As for Martin he said he is glad to see the family go.

He hopes his once peaceful neighborhood will return to normal.