Drunk driver gets nine years for killing baby in crash

Joe Montez III

A Harlingen man will spend nine years in prison for killing a 6-month-old Mason Villegas in a drunk driving accident.

Joe Montez III intoxication manslaughter trial was set to begin Monday in the 107th State District Court, but he plead guilty before it even started.

Montez III confessed to crashing into a vehicle on Wilson Road in September of last year killing Baby Mason and injuring two others in the car including his mother.

Before Montez II was sentenced, his mother ,Yvette, tried to address the court but was too emotional.

A friend read the mother's letter.

"I was never able to hear him call me mommy. He wasn't even crawling yet. I had him in my womb longer than I had him in my arms.," according to Yvette's letter.

She also mentioned Baby Mason had been sick, but was getting better when he was suddenly taken from her.

Montez III address the family apologizing for his actions and the death of Baby Mason.

Montez III has already served 244 days in jail.

He will be eligible for parole in four to five years.

"I know that when he apologized he meant it because he looked at me," Yvette said. "We are not one to judge what his punishment should have been. If nine years is what he got, nine years is what he got."