Drunk driving victim's family speaks out to prevent DWI's

A woman who lost her daughter-in-law to a drunk driving accident and then her own son afterwards, shared her tragic story with high school seniors at PSJA North.

With prom coming up and graduation just around the corner, high schoolers are ready to celebrate, but Guadalupe Romo said she hopes they do that sober.

She said she doesn't want another mother to lose a son or daughter as a result of drunk driving.

These are the images that Romo has in mind day after day.

"Nobody expects this to happen to someone who's just driving along coming home," said Romo.

Romo's daughter-in-law died tragically.

"It crushed her skull and the sides, so she bled to death. She died instantly," said Romo.

Eusebia Aragon Estrada was killed by a drunk driver February 2007.

She was only 24 years old.

"It was a shock to all of us because she was so young," said Romo.

Eusebia left two children behind and her husband, Romo's son.

"My son never got over the trauma the grief the sorrow and four months later, he collapsed," said Romo.

A massive heart attack killed him.

Romo said it was all too much for him to bear.

The children have since been adopted and lead healthy lives, but Romo said she hopes others will learn from her story.

"It could happen to them, it could happen to anybody," said Romo.

She said she hopes this room of high school seniors will think before they drive as they prepare to go out for their prom and graduation celebrations.

"I don't want their families their friends to go through the grief that we have gone through," she said.

According to a national survey on drug use and health, about 1,235 peopled died in Texas in 2009 as a result of drunk driving.

That's one person every eight hours.

"We just want everyone not to drink and drive because there could be consequences," said Jasmine Garza, the school's student council president.

It's a message the PSJA school district, police and most of all families of the victims of drunk driving hope students will remember if they're out partying.

For more information on preventing drunk driving and statistics, head to this website: