"Dry Law" means no booze in Mexico this weekend

Nuevo Progreso, Tamaulipas

Anyone heading south of the border this weekend will not be able to buy alcohol in Tamaulipas and 13 other states.

Voters in all 43 municipalities in Tamaulipas are headed to the polls for mayor and congressional elections on Sunday.

Mexican authorities will be applying the "dry law" for Sunday's elections.

Under Mexican law, alcohol cannot be sold in the 24 hours before the election and cannot be sold on election day.

As a result, no alcohol will be sold in Mexico on either Saturday or Sunday.

Stores, restaurants and bars in Nuevo Progreso, Matamoros, Reynosa and the rest of Tamaulipas are all affected.

The law applies equally for Mexican citizens and foreign tourists.

The sale of alcohol will resume in Mexico after on Monday.

The dry law does not apply to UETA, Baja or other duty free stores on the Texas side of the border.

Mexico TMs La Ley Seca or Dry Law dates back to after the Mexican Revolution and prohibits the sale of alcohol during major elections.

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