Dude, where's my car?

Jackson Street in downtown Harlingen attracts locals on a daily basis.

But when market days are in full swing, people come from near and far to enjoy an old fashioned street fair and a bargain.

Reporter: Your prices are usually from?

Like $10 and up or $5 and up, said Lupita of Lupita's Rebozos.

She said Market Days is also great for vendors like herself who get more people in the door.

You can definitely expect good products and good deals every first Saturday of the month during market. It starts all the way from 4th Street down to Commerce Street. But you can also expect is a hefty towing fee if you're not careful where you park.

Part of Jackson Street in Harlingen is blocked off for Market Days sending drivers to nearby streets looking for parking.

But several shoppers turned to Action 4 News saying instead of walking away with a steal, they've had to dish out more than $200 in towing fees.

The only restrictions would be some few private properties that have parking for their customers only, said Frank Hale with The Downtown Improvement District Board.

The No Parking signs are posted to warn shoppers of the repercussions. Some are in plain sight and some not so visible.

But Hale claims there is still plenty of space.

"People can park at any parking spot except on Jackson street of course, said Hale. But they can park on all the side streets and adjacent streets.

Some businesses that are closed on Saturdays make their parking lots available to market days clientele.

But it's up to the driver to watch out for the lots that will have them possibly spending hundreds of dollars for a weekend outing.