Dummy grenade thrown at San Juan home

A scary start to the weekend in San Juan with families living in one neighborhood on edge, after an object was thrown right through a window.

"You know its kind of scary," said one neighbor who was afraid to give her name.

A first glance at the window and you might think someone threw a rock at it but that is not the case at the San Juan home on Calle de Amistad, north of 495.

Action 4 News caught up with one woman who lives across the street.

"Kind of freaked out. We didn't know what was going on."

The cause of the shattered glass, a grenade, was only a dummy.

The McAllen bomb squad was called in to determine whether or not the grenade was real.

"So they had the neighbors evacuate their homes. It can happen to anybody.

Its scary.

I mean, even if we have cameras and stuff like that and gated and this is still going on, its scary," said the neighbor.

Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said there was a note attached to the fake grenade, threatening those who live there.

Police remained at the scene Saturday.

They say whoever is behind this, faces charges for making terroristic threats.

"We don't know if anybody has anything against the neighbor.

He's a good guy but its kind of scary cause all this stuff going on and especially in San Juan," said the neighbor.

One man who lives next door says he saw the family being targeted, pack up and leave early Saturday morning.

On Saturday police did not yet have a suspect in the case.