Duo charged in pre-paid credit card scams

Mark Anthony Dinn charged with credit card abuse

Two men accused of racking up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card scams were arraigned in court on Saturday morning.

Jaime Ortiz and Mark Dinn went before a judge in Weslaco.

Investigators believe that the men began the credit card scams back in November.

According to authorities, Ortiz and Dinn would go to convenience stores to buy $500 pre-paid credit cards but when it came time to pay for the cards, they would tell the clerks they had to go to their cars to get the money.

Police said the men would never return to the same stores more than once.

The men would use the credit card numbers, which they had written down, to make on-line payments.

Both men were charged with two counts of credit card abuse and engaging in criminal activity.

They were given a bond of $200,000 each for the credit card abuse.

Edward Smith, the third accomplice, was arrested in Corpus Christi a couple days before Ortiz and Dinn. He led police to the other two men.