DWI suspect attempts to flee in handcuffs

Juan Humberto Cruz arrested for DWI and Evading Arrest.

A man, who was being taken in for driving while intoxicated, decided to try to escape arrest while still in handcuffs.

A Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper noticed a White Ford SUV making a wrong turn from Hwy 100 onto Michigan Road Thursday evening.

Once he pulled the car over, the trooper noticed a strong scent of alcohol emitting from the driver TMs breathe.

He also noticed that the driver, who was identified as Juan Humberto Cruz, eyes were red and his speech was very slurred.

The trooper proceeded to place him under arrest, but after being placed in handcuffs, Cruz attempted to escape.

Cruz was found a half-mile away from where his car was stopped and taken back into custody.

He was charged with a DWI and Evading Arrest, and his bonds totaled $5000.