Dying woman's family struggles to pay bills

Luis Saucedo is getting ready to start 8th grade in Mission, but instead of preparing for a new school year, the 13-year-old is spending as much time as possible with his mother.

"She just lays in the bed, she can't do anything or communicate with me. I just sit there and talk to her."

Beatriz Adriana Moreno is only 31-years-old but has been battling brain cancer since she was 3.

She's been in remission several times, but the tumor always comes back and after the last operation, she's been unable to bounce back.

Now her mother tends to her 24-7 while Beatriz's daughter who is 12 and Luis grow desperate by the day to hear their mother speak to them again.

"I cry in my room everyday and pray to God."

Laura Herrera Morales is charged with making sure Beatriz takes her medications daily and must inject her with insulin for her Diabetes. Lately, she's had to give her daughter morphine injections to control the pain and it keeps Beatriz comfortable, but also asleep most of the time.

"People think I'm strong, but I'm bleeding inside," said Laura.

The family has focused all of their efforts on helping Beatriz live through another day, but what Medicaid doesn't cover, like food and bills, has become almost impossible to fund.

"They shut the electricity off for a day because I couldn't pay it."

The electricity got shut off for non-payment and Beatriz cried out that she was suffocating in the heat. The electric company turned it back on after hearing of the family's situation and that the bed ridden woman needed her oxygen supply, but only with the promise that Laura would pay at least 400 dollars by Friday.

It's money they couldn't come up with in 2 months much less 3 days and they are turning to their community for help.

"We don't have that kind of money and she needs to stay on her oxygen. She was screaming that she couldn't breathe the day they turned off the electricity because it was so hot in the house," said Laura.

Luis isn't concerned about money matters, he says his grandma Laura finds a way to make sure they are fed, but his mom is his only priority. He says he doesn't know what he will do if she passes away.

Laura breaks down when asked if she is prepared for what doctors tell her is the inevitable.

"When a wife loses her husband, she's a widow. When a child loses their parents, they are an orphan. There is no name for a mother who loses a child."

The 12 and 13-year olds are in need of clothes and supplies for school.

Beatriz is not expected to make it through the month.

Monetary donations can be made at Wells Fargo under the name Jose L. Morales

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