E-cigarettes growing trend in RGV

Mark Lopez started smoking in high school, but it's been four and a half months since he's had a cigarette. That's because now he's a vapor, meaning he made the switch to e-cigarettes.

"It''s pretty easy and I love it," Lopez said.

Now Lopez carries around his kit with several e-cigs, removable parts and the flavored vapor which contains nicotine. He's been able to cut his nicotine vapor intake by half already, and he said he can even breathe better now.

"I had a real bad sinus problem I was on medication-nasal spray and about a month after using this I haven TMt' had to use it anymore, cleared me up, breathe better"

Currently e-cigs have little regulation, something the FDA is looking to change. DFW Vapor Shop owner Scott Thomas welcomes the regulations and believes it will actually benefit the industry. DFW already doesn't sell any of its products to anyone under 18 and he said it hasn't affected sales.

"We've got at least six or seven people that come-in and just kind of hang-out in the shop on a daily basis, but we see around 40 to 60 customers a day, every day - most of those being new customers," Thomas said.

Like his customers, Thomas said he hasn't smoked a cigarette in a year-and-half - since he started vaping.

"Burning tobacco tastes pretty horrible, and with this you don TMt have to taste that," Thomas said.

Thomas adds there isn't evidence right now, that shows vapor from e-cigarettes causes harmful side effects, unlike second hand smoking.

And like Lopez and Thomas runner Paul Perez too swears vamping can help former smokers like him, improve their health.

My lungs are lighter, and I (don TMt) wake-up coughing and I noticed a difference after two weeks," Perez said.