Early retirement program prevents job cuts at Brownsville ISD

There will be no job cuts for the upcoming school year at the Brownsville Independent School District due to the success of an early retirement notification program.

School board member Minerva Pea told Action 4 News that a total of 138 teachers took the $10,000 dollar early retirement incentive leaving the district with good room to balance their budget.

Pea says besides the 138 teachers that will be leaving the district by the end of this school year.

There are also 62 administrators and classified personnel that took an incentive and will leave the district.

Pea said although the state has not finalized the numbers, she says at the moment it seems that the district will not take as big of a cut to their $500 million dollar operating budget as previously anticipated.

Pea says the district will hire new teachers to replace those lost in core subjects.

"Please understand that the teachers that leave that are critical need and we have to have like your biology teachers your chemistry teachers, Pea said. We will rehire someone in that spot but when they come in they'll come in as a new employee at a lower rate as opposed to someone who has been around for 30 years at the higher pay scale."

Those who take the incentive will not be eligible for rehire at Brownsville ISD for the next two years.

The district expects to save anywhere from $17 to 30 million dollars over the next two years as a result of the program.

Pea says although the district received some criticism for paying teachers $10,000 dollars to retire early.

She said it was a one-time deal that will likely never happen again and she says some of those leaving have served the district for more than 30 year and were deserving of the incentive