Early Voting Wrapping up in Cameron County

Early voting ended Friday night and thousands of people in Cameron County took advantage of casting their vote.

The turnout for early voting was a success with high numbers that surpassed 2008 TMs election.

Rogelio Ortiz Cameron County Elections Administrator said he is very happy with the numbers.

Just a bit over what I expected, which is good, said Ortiz. I was expecting somewhere around 40,000 ending up the week, I believe we will probably go beyond it."

Ortiz said, in order to go beyond that number in Cameron County they plan to make an effort to continue to get the word out; they will continue to work with AACT and volunteers to stress the importance of voting and getting the numbers up on registered voters.

According to Ortiz it TMs an issue of convenience for many people.

Adonis Cuvillier said [I] early voted he said he likes to go before it gets crowded and when there TMs more people you tend to vote on more things, you get distracted and this time I came and voted early

Not everyone voted early this man who didn TMt want to disclose his name to Action 4 News said he's just too busy, he said it doesn TMt matter if he has to wait in long lines, that TMs just what he will have to do.

"I TMm expecting long lines because its already going to be late and elections is coming up" said the man

There are about 182,000 registered voters in Cameron County, which is up from the 2008 elections 162,000.

Those unable to vote during early voting can vote on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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