Eastern Hidalgo County residents worried about flooding

Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Commissioner Joel Quintanilla

For 26 years Mikaela Guerrero has lived with the constant fear that her home will flood every time the rain clouds rolled in.

"Every time we get a hurricane or we get bad rains the water goes into my home," Guerrero said.

Remnants from Wednesday TMs rain are still visible on Guerrero TMs front porch"where the water stopped just short of her front door.

"We get water inside, we get mold, and the sheetrock gets all nasty and dirty," Brenda Garcia, Guerrero TMs granddaughter, said.

Garcia said she could not remember how many times the home has been gutted and remodeled because of water damage.

"I always remember having to sweep out the water and mop it out, Garcia said. It's a's been like that for years."

Garcia said, despite dealing with the problem for years, the flooding has become harder on her grandmother and Garcia said it is time that something is done.

"It's not only us---but everyone that's getting affected," Garcia said.

Action 4 News took their concerns to Precinct 1 Commissioner Joel Quintanilla. He told Action 4 News that there are plans to fix the drainage on Anastacia Road.

"We're actually going to install an underground drainage line coming from the subdivision, go across the adjacent property, and feed into the drainage area where we need to drop the rain water, Quintanilla said.

The problem in getting this project started is acquiring rights to that property adjacent to the subdivision.

"We're having a hard time locating the property owner to that property where we're going to be running that easement area through, Quintanilla said. It's a Mrs. Harding that owns the property. The last word is---is that she moved to California."

Quintanilla said they are willing to pay for the property in order to get this project going.