Edcouch crews drain canal to catch 'Rocky The Beaver'

'Rocky' the Beaver has dodged Edcouch Public Works crews for a month now. He has only surfaced once but has managed to pile mounds of debris into a small drainage canal just north of town.

"Rocky is giving us a hard time---but we're going to catch him," Raul Palomin said.

Palomin is just one Edcouch Public Works employee that has spent long hours tracking 'Rocky.'

He said the last month has been grueling as he and his colleagues brave the rising temperatures--clearing out grass and moving 'Rocky's' debris out from the canal.

"It's hard labor," Palomin said.

Hard labor that cannot go on much longer.

Director of Public Works David Alaniz told Action 4 News the city has spent $1000 to catch 'Rocky'. He said the nets and cage are not working so they are trying a different approach---simply draining the canal.

"We want to see if he can leave some tracks in the see where he's coming from," Alaniz said.

But draining the canal is not easy and comes at a price.

"We have to fuel up the pump with 80 gallons of fuel, set up the hoses, and see if the water carries over," Alaniz said. "You need at least four men to help you out because it is kind of heavy."

Alaniz said, if this works, they want to give 'Rocky' to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville where he can live a long life away from their drainage canal.